10 "must" about hair dyes

Surely many of you ever happened to do some crazy things with your hair and say, yes! I want a change, I’m going to the hairdressing salon and I want to put me a bubble-gum pink color, or electric blue …

Others, more conservers, probably will choose a tone that simply lights your hair or darkened it, in the case of brunettes can choose a type of almond dye or go to black directly.

In any case, there are some “must” that both, the ones that you’re with your head in your hands, and the ones who are decided to enter this afternoon into a hairdressing salon, we should know some premises.

Of course, is that, although it seems that hair dying your hair is simply to venture into the hairdressing salon and say: Hey, I want a change!, it is not only this.

You want to know which are the 10 “must”?

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1. Throw away the excess

In the case that it lefts some hair dye, it would be best to throw it away completely, as it is not recommended to use it later in another application.

It is important to note this “must” because, we have to admit it, how many have we thought about being a little saver and keep a little of the amount because we would be able to use dye color for a double application?

2. Do not get dirty

In case you do not want to get dirty and stain our chest, front or other part of the face, before using any dye color, is recommended to apply gel or cream in that area of the face.

Oh my god, if we don’t want to cost a new skin color, you know what I mean.

3. Do not be radical

About open the door of your hair dressing salon one afternoon when you that you want to change your look because you fancy it is fine, but be careful, if we look for shades of color, we must do it gradually, we cannot dye our hair from black to light blonde that is crazy for our hair.

Is recommended to do it in process, and go lightened it step by step.

4. Let be advised

Although we believe that we know everything, professionals are called like this for a reason, and you know it.

It is important that you get in expert hands who can see beforehand what you want yourself and can advise you about the color and brand of the product.

5. SOS allergy

You are right, as everything in this life, we use products that may contain elements that can produce allergy to us, so, we must be aware that the chemicals in hair dyes, can be strong for our scalp.

It is advisable to always practice dye allergy test to all those who are dying the hair for the first time to avoid unpleasant surprises.

6. Henna no thanks

Another “must” is not to look dyed or bleach a hair that has been treated with henna.

7. The ends never were good

It is not recommended to make a drastic dying (in terms of extreme colors) so soon, because in each session dye components damage the structure of the cortex and our hair gets weak.

The same as we use hair products to restructure the hair ends, to brighten our hair, … it is important to be aware of sudden changes we do on it in the applications of hair dying.

8. Take action

After a hair dying, we must take all measures necessary to care it, avoid going to the beach, avoid sunlight and do not wash hair with hot water as we can lose color.

It is important to wash it with warm water and a little colder.

9. A little calm

For a second dyeing must be at least one time between 15 and 20 days to prevent damage our hair.

10. Never

Never apply non-permanent dark dyes on a blond or gray hair.


You read this post and do you still like doing some crazy things with your hair?

Then you’re ready to discover our color chart here and and turn your hair in a rainbow of possibilities.

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