A healthy hair in summer? It's possible!

When summer comes so the high temperatures do, we have to be aware of our skin not to burn as long as we spend lots of hours in the beach and in the swimming pool staring at the sun. We use sunscreens and after sun creams for a greater care and hydration of the skin.

However, what about the hair?

Hair also damages. During holidays, we are under the sun lots of hours and external agents such as salt, chlorine or sand damage it and our hair gets dry and weak. However keep a healthy hair in summer, it’s possible.

But, how we do it?

Use sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential when the sun is really intense. As we do it for the skin , it is advisable to also use sunscreen for our hair.

In summer our hair gets very damaged and dry, so it is important to use special products that protect it from the sun, like a mask sunscreen with keratin.

03434 mascarilla solar

Apply moisturizing masks

In addition to protect our hair from the aggressions of the sun, it is important also to pamper and moisturize it. You can use your regular shampoo with a shampoo for damaged or dry hair, or use a nourishing mask with keratin, repairing your hair from root to tip and protecting it from external aggressions.

mascarilla nutri repair

Cover your hair

It´s important not to expose our hair to the sun for a long time so using a hat, a scarf or cap to cover it occasionally, especially in the daytime hours, it´s very important as using rubber bands or clips.

Clear your hair

In summer time , not only the sun’s rays are external agents that damage our hair. Also salt, sand and pool chlorine are.

It is therefore very important, to clarify your hair in warm water and shampoo to remove traces of salt, sand and chlorine, that dry our hair.
During the holidays, if you are going to wash your hair daily, it is advisable to use a neutral shampoo.

champú neutro

If you curl your hair with moisture and you want to keep it smooth, then it is advisable to use products that prevent frizz.


Another must, if we want to take care of our hair, is using a special brush to untangle. Detangling special brushes are designed with soft spikes that do not give pulling or scalp damage.

If you pull your hair when is tangled you´ll break it.

cepillo rosa + turquesa

This brush is made of thermoplastic quality which makes it flexible but still effective. It can be used in both wet hair and dry hair as it has an ergonomically designed specifically for ease of use.

Its slightly curved shape allows better fit the shape of the head, and is available in lots of colors with all possible combinations.

Our last advice: enjoy your holidays, enjoy the beach and the sun and disconnect so you go back to work stronger!