How to stay fit in summer

Staying fit in summer is easy if you know how.

Summer comes and with it the good weather and holidays. That is why keeping our routines becomes a little bit more complicated than usual, it is very hot and it cost us more time to find the time to do our daily exercises.

However, there are many exercises that can be adapted to our needs and circumstances this summer to keep fit.

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There are some exercises that surely you realize naturally, so just try to do it for a little longer and with more intensity.

In today’s post we propose you four activities that will allow you to do exercise without having to change your plans or having to lock you in a gym, you don’t believe it t? So yes, it is possible.

Exercises to keep fit in summer:

1. Water

In summer swimming is an activity that it we associated with good weather. If we also add that we spent more than half of the day at the beach or pool, what better than to take advantage and a swim while we take a dip.

If you are on the beach for example, you can mark the routine of going every day to the farthest see buoy, and then gradually increase the distance with new circuits.

In the case of swimming in the pool, you have to be careful not match the rush hour in summer, which is usually at any hour- and mark a routine number of races that you are going to do. From see buoy to see buoy and keep going!

If you are more adventurous you can adapt to the new fashions, for example, make paddle surf, a very complete sport, or rent a kayak and make routes to discover small coves.

In either case, the benefit is double, you do exercise and also tan your skin, what else can you ask for?

So, like this it’s a pleasure to stay fit in the summer.

2. Rackets

In the case of the rackets you also have different options.

You can play tennis or paddle with friends, but be sure that the level is similar to yours, if not you will spend good time laughing, but not do take advantage of the beach, is to buy some rackets and a rubber ball and play on the seashore.

In the case of the rackets will be much more comfortable if you are not practicing normal racquet sport, besides, what you are going to do but so many hours lying in the sun?

3. Walking by the sea

This is one of the routines that for sure will not cost you a penny, because the sand is to walk through it all and has free access.

You can mark objectives of beaches. For example, if you do a route, the goal at the end of summer has to be to reach the farthest beach.

If you are alone is a good time to relax and think about yours, but, take advantage to have a nice chat with your family or friends, we always go very busy and do not find enough time for important things like how is going our life.

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4. Dancing in the moonlight

Doesn’t need to be in the moonlight but yes dancing.

For some time, the “ZUMBA” is very on, but it has always existed aerobics and evenings with friends listening to our favorite commercial music.

In summer, many beaches organized sessions of aerobics or yoga in the mornings in the sand, they are great because it is something we can not do during the year, and we enjoyed beautiful views as the dawn, what more we can you ask for?

As a complement to an exercise routine to keep in shape in summer, we recommend a healthy diet and the use of creams that also help you to keep your body skin firm and cared.


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