5 + 1 Tips for Better Sleep

This week has been for many a hard return to work.

Holidays feel good to anyone, whether you make a spectacular trip to the most trendy places, as if you stay at home and simply disconnect and relax.

The time tables we follow during the year make that often we don’t have time for anything, we have to eat fast and can’t barely disconnect on weekdays.

The most complicated is when the holidays ended to get used again to the schedule and daily routine that we follow when we work during the year. Therefore, due to the frenetic rhythm that we follow during the week, it is important to find little moments to treat and care ourselves, and above all, to rest.

Rest is essential to get up every day with energy and give the best of oneself.

So today, we bring you five guidelines to improve your sleeping hours; because sleep well is vital for your daily routine to not win the battle.

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1. Make sport

Maintain a daily exercise routine that can be for example swimming, walking or running, is not only good to keep you fit, also it helps you to asleep faster and sleep more deeply.

However, try not to carry out your exercise routine during the evening, because this could cause the opposite effect because it stimulates the body.

Please allow two to three hours between the time you spend exercising and when to go to bed.

2. Follow a routine:

Try to keep the same schedule as far as possible, to go to sleep and to wake up.

It is often complicated when we are watching one of our favorite series, but be brave and stop linking chapters to go to sleep and rest.

It is important to listen to our bodies, often we would like to be awake but our body asks us shouting to rest, two or three yawns followed are a clear sign that we need to turn off the light and rest.

Following a routine and schedules helps our body to habituate to face fall asleep faster and wake up more rested.


3. Turn off your mobile:

It seems that today some people live by and for the mobile, and often there are people who need to use it for their work during most of the day.

However, it is important that we mark a moment of the night to turn it off and leave it outside the room.

The same vibration when receiving a whatsapp or email or turn on light that can affect our sleep and interrupt it so then it will be much more difficult to return to rest.

It is better to replace the cell phone by an alarm clock. However, we must choose an alarm that does not make a lot of light and does not make a lot of noise when it moves by the vibration that could disturb our rest.

4. Food or drinks prohibited

It is important consider foods or drinks that can directly affect our rest.

For example, it is important to avoid caffeinated drinks because they difficult our sleep. If you fancy a drink, better take it at midday.

In the case of food, it is advisable not to eat right before bedtime sweet with lots of sugar because they cause ups and downs of glucose that directly affect the time of sleep.

It is also advisable dinner with a wide range of time before going to sleep, it is not good to go to bed after a plentiful dinner, but also is not good to stay hungry.

We therefore recommend light dinners that do not consequence heavy digestion.

5. The Space

It is important to note that the mattress should be changed when we notice that we don’t asleep easily or when we see that, although we slept the recommended hours or so, we are tired. A good mattress is part of success.

Often that fatigue may be due to back pain caused by an old mattress, for example.

Also, it is important the color we used to paint the walls of our room. While that may entice the idea of using bright colors, we also get tired before and it can influence our difficulty of falling asleep.

And finally, some advice before going to sleep: Do not forget to demake –up

Despite not being an adive of sleeping it is very important for our skin, which rests and regenerates at night, demake-up before going to bed.

Does not directly affect our sleep but if our skin, and it is important that we bear in mind that even if we want to think that nothing happens not to, is not it.

Do not remove the makeup we have taken during the day causes our skin is cleansed no pollution and do not let transpire, so that our skin deteriorates and dehydrated.

Just as important will be demake-up before going to bed and use a good cleansing, as a 3-in-1 clean, moisturize and cleanse our skin.

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It is also a good opportunity to use night creams because it is the time when the skin suffers less and is not exposed to external factors. Demake-up and apply a cream to help moisturize our skin is advisable before going to bed.

You can use a moisturizer for the body or for example a cream for eye bags, there is a great variety in the market that adapts to the needs of each.


The eye contour FOCUS 3 fights eye bags, dark circles and signs of fatigue.

It is a smooth, fresh and light cream composed of:

• Vitamin C: antioxidant and anti-free radical.

• Chamomile: Soothing and decongestant.

• Beta-carotene: Anti-aging.


Sleep well and take care of your skin are the perfect formula so that every morning you wake up with energy ready eat out the world.


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