Hollywood Eyelashes for a perfect look

Some may think that if we are not born with big green eyes, long eyelashes and very definite eyebrows we will never achieve a perfect look, but that’s not true, have a nice look is possible and we tell you how.

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First of all, to achieve a perfect look, rather than techniques or colors to outline your eyes or shadows, we recommend a good rest. Eating a balanced diet and sleep an average of 8 hours a day is a natural remedy that is used for almost everything, so avoid dark circles or appearance of tired eyes.
As we know the rhythm of life we have do not always allow us to sleep the hours we should, let the board simply that you might rest everything you can.
A look pretty much depends on the care we have with our eyes more than we think, is not always about having great skills in the field of makeup.
We can use creams for care eye bags for example, or hydrating eye contour and incorporate it as part of our makeup routine every day.
It is also important to remove makeup well at the end of the day and moisturized the skin before make up.
For example, in the case we don’t remove make up from our eyelashes, what we do is that they get harder and break more easily.

When we make up our eyes, we must consider the tones in which we wear that day and also the color of our eyes. Try to focus on not to using shadow shades that can turn off your look.

To finish the final shot is to put eyelashes that highlight your look. You can use mascara, you have a wide variety in the market or false eyelashes.

The unknown world is the false eyelashes so today we will tell you some tricks to choose yours and also to know how to use them.

The first thing to do to decide what kind of eyelashes is right, is to determine the shape of our eyes.

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• If you have round eyes, then the right type of eyelashes will be the classic ones, mixture of short and long will soften the look.
• In the case of almond-shaped eyes, we use dense and thinners at the tips of the eyelashes.
• If our eyes are small and a little bit sunken, do not panic, we’ll use them to open the eyes with long eyelashes and lightly populated.

And finally, we explain how to apply the eyelashes.

Before you start it is essential thoroughly clean the eye area with an oil-free cleanser before application. Makeup, dirt and oil secreted by the skin of the eyelids, eyelashes difficult the adherence.

Once we’ve cleaned up the eye area, we started:

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1. First, what we do is take the measure of our eye and cut the excess of false eyelash.

2. Next, apply a thin line of adhesive along the band of the false eyelash and wait 30 seconds to adjust it.

3. Using tweezers will place it on the eyelid, in the lashes born.

4. Finally, it only remains the makeup and we are ready.
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