How to have a perfect manicure

Summer means tanning on the beach, pools, terraces, have a drink with friends … but these activities steal our time for personal care because summer encourages people to make plans as long as the daylight is longer.

However, this is not an excuse! We can have a perfect manicure, and today we tell you how to do it, we show you the best trends for this summer and we give you our recommendation: an amazing nail polish that last longer than the rest you´ll find anywhere.

Four steps manicure and 2016´s summer trends:

1.  Demake-up the nails:

Before you start, it is very important to clean up the nails (remember to remove the rests of the previous manicure). Try not to scratch your nails with your fingers or with a stick because it could be harmful for your nails as they may be scratched or chipped.

2.  File your nails:

Before we file the nails, we must decide how the shape will be: round, square, oval or peak, and also how long we want them to be too.

At this point, it is very important to take in account that all nails should have the same size, would be very strange to have some nails longer than the others, don’t you think?

 3.  Remove the cuticles:

Put your hands in a bowl of warm water. This way it will be really easy to remove it. After five minutes you´ll realize how easy it is.

 4.  Choose your manicure color:

Now, we will choose among infinite options, how our nails will look like. Manicure is very personal and depends on many factors like trends or time of the year.
We want to help you and tell you some of the trends that marked major fashion runways for this spring – summer 2016:

  • French modern nails: French manicure is always a “must” regarding what manicure concerns, and keeps modernizing and adapting to new trends of the XXI century, so far, the new French manicure is finished with a colored border. We can even choose to combine two colors, so we could paint the nail with a pastel color and make a half bow with a matching metallic color.

manicura francesa


  • Nails matching your make up: One of the trends for this summer, is to combine the color of our nails with your makeup, either with the eyes or with the lipstick. Who does not like to combine your clothes with bag, or shoes with handbag? Now do it with your nails too!



  • Brightness in your nails: bright tons are everywhere, so what about using it in your nails? Shine like no one this summer with a magical glitter nail polish. You’ll be the one and only if you combine it with your eye shadow.



  • Tutti colori: this is the choice of the most daring girls. Paint every nail of each color or combine them in a single nail, let your imagination flows as the rainbow inspires you!

tutti colori bona1000

No matter what kind of manicure you choose, remember to take care and avoid any possible damage . Therefore we recommend to use in your manicure a semi-permanent polish, because:

  1.  3 in 1 with a stable color and a high pigmentation.
  2. They can be applied without base and without gloss.
  3. Perfect coverage
  4. They have a high durability and glossy finish.
  5. If you use the base and gloss, you can have a perfect manicure during two weeks.


Check out our catalogue and select the nail polish you like, there’s no excuse not to wear the perfect nails this summer!