How to care for your hair after dying it

After summer is the right time to decide to do a new look because the hair is not any more exposed to external factors that damage it such as chlorine, sea salt, lots of sunshine …

Its true that, nowadays dye the hair is something very normal and also new trends colorful seduce all of us, some with more radical changes and other more conservatives, but we have all made attention on that silver and have thought “maybe”…

In the previous post, we talked about the “10 must on hair dyes” and we referred to how important is to put ourselves in the hands of professionals to make such changes in our hair because they are changes that can damage our hair and there is the possibility of not getting the expected result.

For example, we mentioned that in the case of a color change, it must be done in a gradual way, and also, it is advisable to wait between 15 and 20 days for a second dyeing and to avoid damaging our hair…

And among the 10 points that were talking, one of them referred to the importance of hair care after dying it or do hair wicks to avoid losing color.

So today we dedicate this post to make you some recommendations on how to care for your hair after your pass in the hairdressing salon.


Tips on caring for your hair after applying the dye

1. Hot or cold?

After having dyed our hair, it is recommended to use the best dye post treatment. If we seek to clarify gradually hot or warm water would be ideal, if we continue to maintain the color tone, it is recommended to wash it with cold water.

2. What not to do?

Avoid as possible as you can squeeze or press very strongly the hair. Always bear in mind that you may lose color and also the first few days after dyeing, the hair is weakened by the process of “bleaching” hair.

3. Pamper your hair

After a dye, it is recommended to use shampoos, conditioners and masks that provide active nutrients and are allied of coloration. It is important to avoid using shampoos for children or dandruff problems and hair loss shampoos, as it has other different components that are looking for.

We recommend you use a shampoo specially formulated for cleaning care and protection of colored hair without drying it as PROTEC-COLOR SHAMPOO COSMETICS TASSEL that revives and retains the color of dyed color for longer.04620

4. External factors

Avoid as possible to expose long time in the sun or going to the beach for at least the first 7 days Had we had dyed our hair as it could alter the color of the dye.

If you’re still on vacation, the best advice would you to do that makeover to back, when you came back to your daily routine and your hair is not exposed so many hours in the sun or pool chlorine.

With these temperatures is inevitable want to swim at any time, if you are a little fish and you love the water, wait a bit to go to the hairdresser

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